Who is Stuart Mellody – and why should you care?

You started your property investment business because you wanted to build something secure for you and your family’s future, but somehow it hasn’t turned out to be as easy as you first thought.

So maybe you’ve joined a few peer groups on social networks, or bought a few courses and maybe even taken some coaching. And that’s great, because it means that you’re serious about your business.

Yet you’re still struggling?

You’ve found the perfect property project and you’re excited to talk to a room full of potential investors and tell them all about it, yet you’re surprised that they don’t seem very interested.

So you try harder and begin the sales pitch that you perfected, you start trying to influence the potential investor by highlighting your knowledge of the property industry and even tell them what a great return on investment your project it will be. Yet they still don’t seem very interested and they thank you politely and move away.

Does that happen to you?

Frustrating isn’t it!

If this does sound familiar, then you’re not alone because we are hearing the same thing over and over in our private Facebook group, and it’s because you’ve not yet mastered how to position yourself and your property deal as an “opportunity” for the potential investor.

It’s a skill that Stuart Mellody has learned through trial and error over the last 35 years, by experiencing many highs and lows in his business he was able to learn by his mistakes. When he looked back at what had contributed to the successes, he saw that there was a pattern, and when he repeated the pattern he realised that he had found a simple repeatable blueprint to raising finance for his property business.

Investors and JV partners wanted to invest with him because he knew how to interact with people, networking with them and understanding exactly what they were looking for which allowed him to see clearly how he could solve their problem. Once he had done his due diligence on the investor and he had also done due diligence on the deal, he was then able to add the value of what he could offer as a person. It was at this moment potential investors were becoming excited to invest with him because he had offered them an “opportunity” and not just a “deal”.

Turning this into a process was transformational for his business as he went on to build a portfolio of 18 properties in 18 months with none of his own money using his own blueprint – but would it work for others too?

Stuart knew that he needed to share this with as many people as possible, he could see so many people working really hard and yet struggling to achieve the success they needed to have an impact on their lives. It was time to expand his vision to educate, inspired and empower people to lead extraordinary lives.

So he took his first “student”’ through the Money & Minds process – Mitul, a relatively new and inexperienced property investor who had only ever raised £150k in finance.  After working with Stuart Mellody, Mitul was then able to raise over £3m and Stuart knew that this was just the beginning. Stuart’s next group of people all had transformations in their business too and now some of those people help Stuart put together the game changing mentorship programs and workshops he delivers today.

All of Stuart’s coaching is in the form of “workshop” style live meet ups where he literally walks you through the process of identifying your own values and strengths that you bring to your business. Each group is hand selected by Stuart to ensure that not only is the coaching totally tiered to the level that the students are at, but also to ensure that the group will bond and grow together. It’s been incredibly powerful and incredibly successful.

No matter what your background is or how long you’ve been trying to build your property business – Stuart has a coaching level for you. Stuart will show you how to build out the value that you bring to your opportunity so that you are so confident about what you’re sharing, you will stand out as a person of value in a room full of people who are trying to be a person of influence.

But don’t just take our word for it. There are testimonial videos all over the website and on our YouTube channel from people who have worked with Stuart, but here’s a short compilation.

Whether you’re just getting started in your property business, or are ready to scale up, Stuart Mellody provides transformational training on his free webinars, monthly mastermind groups, mentorships and live “pop up” workshop evenings in London. Stuart’s “workshop” style coaching will ensure you never lose a deal again because of not being able to raise finance. You’ll have investors excited to invest with you, asking YOU how to get involved in your opportunity.

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I look forward to answering your questions live on air!

Stuart Mellody

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