Let me make this crystal clear, because I see a lot of other people in our industry focusing on just ‘getting the deals’ and I see people teaching that stuff too.

Raising Finance is NOT what you do, once you get the project.  It’s NOT an after thought. It’s the number one key to building a successful property business.

I know – from having worked on building sites to get out of going to school 37 years ago – right through to our latest £17m x 100 unit development that raising finance is the key.

I’ve been able to take the years of experience and work out the key elements to building a successful business from property and I continue to use this step by step process to work with many people in the industry who want to achieve the same.  Some choose not to take notice of this and then end up spending more money, time and effort getting the exact same results as before and it’s THEN they realise this is fundamental to their success.

Once they action this they get the results they want. We’ve proved it over and over.

We use our  5 step “S-O-L-V-E” model which will show you how to get results in 90 days.

S = Story

O = Opportunity

L = Limitations

V = Value

E = Engagement

These are the 5 steps to securing the investment and the investor for your deals

So today….let’s start with the “S”

Your Story!

Why this is crucial……

This is your story – if you want to raise serious amounts of money then you need to work on your story.  Not a made up one – this is YOUR story.  People overlook this because they don’t think they have anything of value in their story.

So how do you build your story?

There’s three parts to your story and I’ll cover them all here.

Part One

The first thing you need to write down is your “about you” section – your personal content – what is it that’s most important to you?  What are your drivers?  What are you doing this for?  What are your values?

All of this forms part of your unique story, which when presented with your deal, it helps your potential investor understand how you are ‘de risking’ it for them.

What are your goals and objectives?  What does life look like over the next 3, 6, 12 months and 2 years for you?  What are your income NEEDS versus your WANTS?  How many holidays do you want?  What is the lifestyle you want to create?   If vision boards work for you, then do it, but just be absolutely crystal clear on what you are aiming for.  Your investor WANTS to see your targets, goals and your visions.  Put the numbers in too! Build the pictures and enjoy this process – keep it big, but also keep it personal to you.

Part Two

So now we move into the second part of your story.  The model you are going to use to get you to your goals and objectives.

Whether it’s ‘build/buy to rent’ or maybe HMO – show the timelines and then reverse engineer it back to where you are now.  This is what you will highlight and show to the people who will be investing in you.  This is what I’m working towards, what it will cost, the model I’m using.  Then break down the deal so they see how it matches your story, your visions, your timeline.

So in order to meet that goal, I need to do 6 of these projects which provides the opportunity for an investor to plug into what I’m doing and share in the profits that this will create for.”

Part Three

The third and final part to your story is the most crucial part.


What do YOU bring to the table that is unique?

And if you think…..well nothing, I can assure you that you DO have some skills in your home or business life that an investor will find reassuring.  We always find something when talking this through with our clients and mentees.

What is your background?  What experience do you have to tap into that can reassure and de-risk the opportunity for your investor?

There WILL be something!


So that’s the 3 parts to creating the ‘Story’ around your deal – it tells the investors about YOU.

So in my next post I’m going to talk about the ‘Opportunity’ – as we cover the ‘O’ in my “Simple to S-O-L-V-E” model.

Don’t miss it.

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