Raise finance for property investing is a vital part of your business, yet one of the biggest issues in property investing that we’ve come across when speaking to people who are building their portfolio, is being able to raise finance for their deal.

What many fail to realise is that there will be challenges along the way. Stuart Mellody had probably one of the biggest challenges when his freedom was taken away from him, and suddenly his “business card’ for attracting investors became an article in the newspaper with a false allegation about him.

Yet Stuart went from being broke and working from the local library as he couldn’t afford an internet connection, to building a portfolio of 18 properties valued at £3.25m within just 18 months without ever having to ask a Bank.

So how did he do this?

Stuart’s story is a fascinating one, but he attributes his success to some key factors:

1) Surrounding himself with the right mentors to help him grow
2) Knowing what his objectives were for his business and reverse engineering them to create his plan
3) Learning through trial and error how to communicate, network and negotiate effectively with potential investors or partners
4) Maintaining a positive “can do” attitude with steady growth every day
5) Recognizing that feedback is a gift and there were lessons to be learned from each interaction and subsequent transaction
The point is, that to raise finance for property investing deals, is actually not that difficult when you know a few simple truths.

Through years of experience through trial and error, Stuart has been able to create and perfect his SIMPLE system for raising finance. And now he helps others too.  Listen to Stuart explain:

Stuart starts all his programs to help people raise finance, build teams and create multi million pound investor networks by applying his DIY due diligence model for raising finance.

If you are building your property investor business, there is a huge opportunity in the market right now for YOU to capitalise on as not enough people are properly prepared or equipped with the right knowledge or know how when it comes to attracting finance.

Would you like to learn the way to raise more money properly and do more deals so you can live the life you love?

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