If you are building a property business and are trying to raise finance for property investing, but not quite getting the results that you want, then consider this.

Why would someone invest with you?

What are YOU bringing to the table over and above all the other herds of people offering the same as you?

If you are presenting ‘deals’ to an investor you are likely to be missing a major opportunity ..literally!  What do you bring to the investor that is so exciting for them that out of a room full of people all looking to attract investors the interest is focused on YOU because of the OPPORTUNITY you present?

Last week I spent my days working with different groups of people, from different sides of the world,  developing their potential to raise money. Some are just starting up, some are already raising a few hundred thousand and some are at the level of building an international £multimillion bank of investors.

But it doesn’t matter what level you are at – if you want to get results, then the training is the same – we always start by developing the OPPORTUNITY for you to present to the potential investors.

To get results I start by exploring the individual and what they are about at a personal and professional level and discovering what they contribute to the ‘deal’ to make it an attractive opportunity for the potential investors.

So what is it that is attractive to the investors?  If you were the investor, what would you see in YOU or what would you like to see in a deal presented to you?

What is it that’s unique, valuable, powerful about what you bring to the table?

How have you de-risked their investment?

Where is the value in this opportunity over and above all the other deals that are out there?

If you look at this and realise you have holes or weakness in the opportunity because there are key elements missing, what are you going to do to put them in place? Who can you get on board, how do you make this ‘deal’ a brilliant unique OPPORTUNITY that can’t be missed?

How to Raise Finance in Property Investing – What to do…

Well the first thing you need to know is that YES you do have the potential to do this.  You just need to recognise what you have of value and what it is you don’t have that’s missing  and then find a way of structuring it so you have all the elements in place to make it work..to make it more attractive than others who are out there looking for investors.

Ask yourself – do you have stability in your life and the structure in your business to warrant attracting serious levels of money?

If the answer honestly is NO,  then use that as a benefit, work on putting it right so you are in a great position to present this as a very attractive proposition to potential investors rather than them finding out later down the road and pulling out of the ‘deal’.  Put the work in now to create your deal and opportunity one that is irresistible  to the potential investor by doing as much due diligence on it yourself before you bring it to the table.

Rather than going out week after week repeating the same process and getting the same negative results, spend the time instead by working on developing and presenting an exclusive opportunity rather than just bringing a deal. This is one of the key pieces of the jigsaw to raising finance successfully.

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Stuart Mellody

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