Property Investment Training – Get the deal and the money will come is NOT the way!

From my 37 years of experience of working with many developers and building very successful investor networks, I know first hand that first of all people need access to a higher level of education around the subject.

We have people we work with raising serious levels of finance and partnering with HNW funds giving them access to all the money they need for all the projects they can possibly want.

So what is it that we do differently?

We ensure that they are “attractive” to these investors because of the level of work that goes into the due diligence on:
1.The investor 
2.The project 
3 The developer themselves on a personal level i.e their business, their financial situation including their ability to perform effectively legally and responsibly.

Those who want to trade in, invest in and develop property have to start realising that  ‘de-risking’ the investment, understanding how to choose the right investor and getting to know the client is the foundation of their business. Then you need to be confident in your team’s ability to deliver the project.

This is the absolute key to your success and cannot be treated as an after thought.

How Do We Do This?

Any individual or business we work with to help them build a bank of investors, we start by understanding the person/business on a deep level and then progress to stripping down their business, finding their true value and skill sets (and trust me they ALL have them) and then build it back up with the unique values and skills evident.  We then work on a 7 step due diligence process within their business that ‘de-risks’ the investment so that they are prepared and confident and ready to perform for the investor.

When you start to understand and appreciate the risk from an investor point of view you will work at protecting their investment by focusing on ensuring that all their concerns are addressed through the way you operate your own business.

Then raising the money is easy because you have an investable business and investors who see the way you manage your business will get the greatest level of confidence from the least risk, combined with the greatest potential of profit.

For you as a developer, this is great practice and hugely beneficial for your business as most investors see plenty of developers trying to”entice” investors based on a percentage return and wonder why their deal is left on the table.

Our mentees have some amazing results, as we see time and time again that this investment of time into your business allows you to build networks and banks of investors and raise all the money you need so that you never leave a deal on the table again.

To see some of our mentees results and what they have to say about working with us – Click Here, or simply Get in Touch if you would like a chat.