Money Monthly Program

What is our “Money Monthly” Program ?

Our “Money Monthly” Program is a powerful personal coaching program designed to help you build momentum, stay focused and implement the necessary steps in your business to allow you to position your opportunity, raise finance and scale your business to where you want it to be.  Wherever you are in your property business right now, you will learn Stuart Mellody’s “SIMPLE” system to raising finance, that will take you step by step through every aspect of building and scaling your business.   With the help of our incredible team of coaches, who have all built a successful property investment business and who are all experts in peak performance, communication and planning and work alongside Stuart, you can be assured that you will get all the help you need.



Property Investor

“This is perfect, I just needed a few straight talking – no BS tips and from what I’ve learned, that is exactly how you work. I look forward to more programs you launch!”

Ritchie Maz

Ritchie Maz

Fund Manager

“You help people understand the problems ahead and help them moving forward. You have access to very valuable people in your network and your planning skills are in another universe lol!”

Blake S

Blake S

Property Investor

“You literally achieved more in the first 45 minutes than 4 days of a Masterclass, and a full days on patch coaching put together. Keep up the amazing work!”



Property Investor

“You’re able to ask all the right questions and press the right buttons to enable a flow of inner information and insight that has never been vocalised to myself, let alone anyone else.”

The program kicks off with an exciting action-packed two-day event where you will be shown the step-by-step process to start up or scale up your business. This event will act as a platform for us to map out your personal coaching blueprint to raising finance. This is also the perfect time to be introduced to your personal coach and to our team of experts so that you can get clarity on how each team member can be of value to you. It will be an intense two days and a very important step closer to understanding the blueprint to raising finance.

We are incredibly passionate about providing you the support and guidance that you need to get you the results that you truly want, which is why the team is on hand to coach you through any issues you come up against.

You have everything you need to achieve success…

With your blueprint in hand you will be allocated a coach who you will have direct contact with for a 1-2-1 call every month. The purpose of this call is to keep you on track, to advise, to answer any questions you may have and to help you get over any long standing stumbling blocks that could cause you to fall behind in your journey.  If you’re having problems in your business, you can be sure we’ve been through the same problem and we are here to help you conquer this.

In addition to this we will have a LIVE online training session every month that focuses on overcoming any hurdles. Each group will be small and personable so that we can be absolutely certain you are getting all the tools you need to take you into the next stages. From our experience of working with others these mini-masterminds have been invaluable sources of, networking,  learning and motivation for everyone involved. There is something incredibly powerful about being part of a small group of like minded, motivated individuals,  who are driven to achieve results.

After month one, there will be a monthly mastermind day. Here are some of the topics covered during these valuable masterminds:

  1. How to get out of your own way and find and follow your purpose and passion.
  2. How to set goals and objectives that will move you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  3. How to build an opportunity you are proud to share.
  4. How to get potential investors excited to invest with you so that you never have to ask for the money again!  (So powerful).
  5. How to network with powerful effect, even if you’ve never done this before.
  6. How to build lifelong strong and durable relationships with investors.
  7. How to leverage your hard work over and over to have a lasting impact on your life and business.
  8. How to stay ahead of the latest FCA regulations and ensure you are approaching investors legally and responsibly.
  9. Where to find all the investors you’ll ever need!
  10. How to raise the money without ever having to ask!

To help you understand the structure of the program here is a timetable of how each month will look:


WEEK 1: 2 Day Blueprint (Mastermind Day moving forward)

WEEK 2: Coaching Call

WEEK 3: Action

WEEK 4: Live Online Session

As an elite “Money Monthly’ member, you will also get free access to the “Money & Minds” pop-up events as and when they happen.

Money Monthly is here to help you get results. If you work hard and execute the action steps, it WILL take you from potential to success in your business and your life.


Are you ready for that?

Why Now?

We want you to be comfortable and confident that you are making the right decision, so if you are interested, but still have some questions, please contact us directly either by telephone using the number below,  or fill in your email and telephone number to request a call back.


Stuart Mellody has raised millions of pounds in finance and with over 30 years experience he is in growing demand as a speaker, coach and trainer and is now taking his “SIMPLE” system training to raising finance to property investors all over the world.  Moving out of 2017 and into 2018, it is unlikely that Stuart will be able to offer this much personal time at this level of coaching again.

This powerful program,  truly has the ability to help you transform your business from struggling, to being able to live the life you truly desired when you first set out on your journey.  But only if you take action.


What Next?


Simply click the “Schedule a Call” button below, book a convenient time for you to talk, and Stuart or one of his team of experts will give you a call.

Thank you once again for your interest, we look forward to helping you move from ‘potential to performance‘.

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