Money & Minds

"“Stuart – this really works! £250k in the bank and they want to invest with ME! Then another has £500-£700k and they want to invest with me and then I got this message this morning, this is getting ridiculous!! “- Morning, Rebecca. Thanks for the fun, engaging 2 days on JV finance. Are you taking on more investors? I'm looking for a home for some of my SSAS funds when it's ready to be deployed”

Rebecca, Company Director from Staffordshire

"It’s been a good week so far – I’ve spoken to a lady who wants to get into property but she doesn’t have the knowledge or the time, but she has the money and wants to make more money through property – I gave her my hooks and headlines and my experience and she is raring to go.  I have £75k in the pocket right now but it might be more and I just wanted to thank you and the team Stuart – I believe in myself now and things are exciting – thank you for believing in me!"

Taku Munemo